6 essential oils for anxiety & pain

Aromatherapy is a common practice whereby one has to inhale scents of the best essential oils and they improve their general well-being. People believe that it works by stimulating the receptors in your nose that goes further and sends messages to your nervous system. Since it is a natural way of relieving stress and anxiety, most people prefers it. You should keep it in mind that essential oils are not regulated by FDA so you should be very careful with the essential oils that you choose. Don’t be fooled by some people in the internet that you can ingest the essential oils because they should never be ingested. This is because there haven’t been enough evidence that proves essential oils are safe to swallow. Some of them are even toxic so it is for your own safety not trying to ingest them. Now that you know a thing or two about essential oils, it is about time we check out some of the essential oils that you can use for your anxiety.

  1. This herb is the real deal and it has been in use for a very long time. Many people believe that valerian herb has compounds that are necessary and important when it comes to sleeping and calming your nerves. Valerian herb can very useful in reducing anxiety because it has a calm sedative effect on a person’s body. Add 3 or four drops of the valerian oil to your aromatherapy diffuser and start inhaling. It will bring a relaxation mood and it will help you sleep.
  2. You can be sure to have a relaxed mood when you use this essential oil. It provides your body with a calming effect and helps you sleep. According to a study that was conducted in 2008 on mice, Jatamansi will help you deal with your depression because it increases MAO and GABA neurotransmitters in your brain. The oil is very helpful and a lot of people have been using it so you have nothing to worry about. The application is super easy as all you have to do is dilute the oil with water and massage it into your forehead or temples.
  3. This is actually the most used oil to relieve anxiety. Lavender oil can also be used to deal with your skin problems such as rashes and treating acne and eczema. A research done in 2012 proved the importance of this oil by reveling that it can be used to calm anxiety because if the impact it has on the limbic system. Add a few drops of the oil and combine it with a teaspoon of carrier oil or even an unscented gel. Stir the combination into the warm water bath just before you start using it. Enjoy the hot bath and be sure that your skin will be smoother and better and your anxiety will be reduced.
  4. Probably one of the best essential oil available out there. The scent that these oils have is amazing and according to a study conducted in 2013 jasmine oil will promote a sense of well-being as well as romance. The best thing about this oil is that it will provide a positive impact on your anxiety without necessarily causing you to sleep. You can even use it in the office when you feel the anxiety is killing you and you will have a better mood. It will calm your nervous system and you will not have to sleep for it to work. You can inhale jasmine directly from the container or you can allow the scent to fill the room using a diffuser.
  5. This essential oil extracted from the petals of a rose flower is also known to deal with anxiety. The floral scent of a rose flower is amazing and according to a study in 2014, rose essential oil can be used to reduce anxiety especially to pregnant women during labor. If you want to reduce anxiety using this essential oil all you have is dip your feet in water that is added rose essential oils. You can also use the rose essential oils to massage your skin.
  6. Hemp is the latest oil that’s taking America by storm! If you haven’t already heard, millions are taking hemp oil and hemp-derived products for aches and pains, inflammation, arthritis, and many other ailments. It may be the best oil on this list – depending on your situation. Do your homework and see if hemp is right for you.

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