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  • 6 essential oils for anxiety & pain

    Aromatherapy is a common practice whereby one has to inhale scents of the best essential oils and they improve their general well-being. People believe that it works by stimulating the receptors in your nose that goes further and sends messages to your nervous system. Since it is a natural way of relieving stress and anxiety, […]

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  • Nutrients from food, not vitamin supplements, reduces risk of early death: study

    Getting nutrients from foods — not supplements — may be the key to a longer and healthier life, a new study published this week suggests. In fact, when it comes to taking supplements in general, researchers from Tufts University claim to have found “no association between dietary supplement use and a lower risk of [early] death.” […]

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  • Red yeast rice supplements likely damaged woman’s liver

    Natural supplements may seem benign, but as highlighted in a new case report, that’s not always the case. A woman in Michigan developed sudden liver damage after taking a red yeast rice supplement, doctors reported. The 64-year-old woman had recently been to the doctor and was told she had high cholesterol levels. But she was hesitant […]

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  • Eat to lose: The 7 best foods to help you shed pounds

    Diets are all about cutting calories, right? Well, maybe not. If you’ve ever tried following a commercial diet, you know counting calories and weighing yourself can derail your goals completely. And while it may seem like restricting your intake of food is the best way to shed pounds, consuming enough calories is actually key. To […]

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